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In regards to the shitstorm...

I know we're all upset about the goings on over athouse_cuddy  right now. It's a sad day when a rational discussion can result in the deletion of a community that many people love. A lot of memories have have been made there over the years and it's a pity that it had to turn out like this.

That being said, I'm hereby requesting that discussions about the deletion of house_cuddy  be kept out of housecuddylolol . I know many of you may be looking here for some answers or a place to vent, but doing so will only add to the drama. I'm sure it'll be back up and running soon, but for now, let's keep this a fun and silly place to celebrate our love for House/Cuddy.

The Mods

ETA: A temporary House/Cuddy comm has been set up. housecuddy_temp . Check it out.
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